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YellowBox: an Australian startup for smart locker systems

YellowBox is an Australian startup developing technology for smart-locker systems for public and private spaces. Their product includes a user app, a management app, and the RFID technology of the lockers, and of course - the lockers themselves. The goal of YellowBox is to create a flexible, future-ready space. Their idea was selected for the Arcardis Techstarts City of 2030 accelerator. Read more about my experience at TechStars here.

👩‍💻 Role: Design Associate
🚀 Team: 4 people: the founder, 2 developers, and me
⏰ Duration: 4 weeks


When I met the YellowBox team in Amsterdam in 2020, they had already developed the technology for the locker system and integrated it into the User App. They were running tests with lockers, but the entire User Experience of the app itself had still a lot of work to do. There were multiple cases to still figure out such as:

  • Payment Feature

  • SSO sign in

  • Reward system

  • Getting your PIN for the locker

  • Notifications

  • Overall interface design


Along with the founder, we first focused on the SSO sign-in and the booking system.

Building on customer interviews and data, we developed a custom flow with the ability to select and book lockers, and quickly see the exact location and price per hour. One of the key challenges for me was to adjust the mobile experience so it could accommodate the potentially increasing number of lockers in the future, without losing the simplicity and ease of use. Locker discovery and search, booking, and on-site use were all very different use cases, and that difference had to be clearly outlined in the app's navigation. Iterating through a series of prototypes we arrived at a tab-based navigation UI, that highlights the most important section of the app: finding a locker, booking, and payment, and of course using the locker itself. We made a series of quick and dirty interactive prototypes and brought them to our mentors for feedback. We've received lots of valuable feedback and continued prototyping and testing with our potential customers.

A visualization of the OpenThroughApp feature:

Besides working along with the Product owner, I've helped YellowBox with simple graphic design tasks such as creating mockups, promotional material, and mastering their final pitch for Demo Day.


I believed that YellowBox had huge potential shortly. And it did rock the accelerator program, getting the attention of both investors and potential partners. Their platform is currently collaborating with companies and venues from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the United States.


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