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Open Social

Open Social is a Dutch top-tier SaaS company based in Amsterdam and Enschede, The Netherlands. They are specialized in the online community and membership management solutions and work with international clients such as United Nations and the European Commission.

👩‍💻 Role: Graphic Designer
🚀 Team: Marketing Team
⏰ Duration: 3 months


In November 2021, I've joined Open Social to help them polish their existing brand identity and create a concept for a new website design. One of the first successful projects together with the marketing team was a new brand manual which served as a guideline for the website interface and digital strategies overall.


The existing brand book was missing important components such as typography and color palette, so improving it and creating a flawless set of design rules was crucial for Open Social's design system overall.

Furthermore, along with the UX researcher, we've conducted various interviews, ran A/B tests and explored the performance of the website via HotJar and other UX tools. We've noticed that the current website wasn't performing so well and found major errors in crucial user journeys. We've also taken a deep dive into the strategy and marketing efforts of the competitors of Open Social and concluded that we needed a neater approach that focuses more on the product and its features, rather than the community strategies and the blog.

In February 2021, the founder of OpenSocial drastically changed his aims and focused on a new project instead - helping Ukraine. However, our prototypes and the design system will hopefully be implemented in the near future, if OpenSocial continues to sell its services. The Twente for Ukraine had huge interest and the team quickly shifted to fully contribute to the new mission. If you want to learn more about how our founder shifted his focus from a B2B business to a non-profit organization to help the Ukrainian community, visit the website Twente for Ukraine.


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