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Machinas x Birkenstock

After graduating, I decided to move to Barcelona, Spain to explore new opportunities and that's where I landed my first Marketing & UX job: at the Birkenstock Digital team with Machinas Digital Development.

👩‍💻 Role: Graphic Designer
🚀 Team: Design Team
⏰ Duration: 1,5yrs


Machinas is a creative agency offering design, strategy, and digital solutions for the fashion & lifestyle e-commerce industries. Their portfolio includes global-leading fashion brands like Birkenstock, Esprit, Hugo Boss, Tamaris, Jack Wolfskin, and more.


My role included various design tasks for the Birkenstock digital team: from developing concepts for new collections to executing entire marketing campaigns. This role taught me the foundations of UX&Ui design for the e-commerce sector: utility, usability, and desirability, but also: how to implement designs based on existing design systems and follow a strict corporate identity for every channel and campaign.

When it comes to the challenging part of the Birkenstock digital team, it was often the lack of promotional material.

We often created entire environments or collages with simple product photos. That taught me a lot about composing and retouching from scratch: from contact shadow to creating 3D solutions with Adobe. Besides the lack of promotional material, a big learning point was sizes, devices, and image optimization.


My experience with Birkenstock, Tamaris, and Jack Wolfskin helped me understand the grounds of e-commerce, but also gave me fundamental knowledge of User Experience design, the importance of branding, design systems, and digital strategies as a whole - from conceptualizing a campaign to its multichannel realization.


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